1072 Wheaton,
Troy, Michigan 48084
Telephone: (248) 689-9262
Fax: (248) 689-7637

About Us

To introduce ourselves;

We are a testing laboratory that specializes in corrosion, mechanical and chemistry testing services. We have been in business for over 50 years and have been accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for over 20 years.

Our reputation is providing personable service, working with our customers to complete their jobs in the timeliest manner, with the highest level of quality. We pride ourselves on quick turn-around times and competitive pricing.

Our practice is quality by;

Maintaining a quality system that adapts never ending accuracy, precision and quality improvements.

Our philosophy is to;

Innovate and allocate resources to fulfill the long range needs of the company and it’s customers rather than short term profitability.

Reduce fear by providing and atmosphere of teamwork and open communication throughout the organization and with our customers.

Provide an atmosphere of trust and confidence to our customers.

Oh – by the way, we have fun doing it!

Mission Statement

Midwest Testing Laboratories, Inc. is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest level of quality performance in the fields of Chemical, Physical and Metallurgical Testing to meet and/or exceed the quality requirements of our customers. This commitment is an integral part of the company’s management philosophy and is essential to our customer’s success as well as our own. We must and will support this commitment with sound quality procedures, the necessary human and physical resources and conscientiousness by all Midwest Testing Laboratories, Inc. employees.