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At Midwest Testing we consider ourselves the “Corrosion Specialists.” Our fast response, and professional attitude are only two of the pieces that help us live up to that title. Another integral part of our business is the state of the art technology that we employ to help us serve you better. Listed below are some of our machines and their typical uses.

Thermotron Environmental Chamber (SE-1200-5-5)

1_1With a temperature range from -70C to 180C, a humidity range from 20%Rh to 95%Rh, and a size of 41.8 cu. ft., our newest environmental chamber is perfect for temperature and humidity testing, for both static or cycling.



Auto Technology Cyclic Corrosion Chamber

1_2The Auto Technology Company CCT series of chambers are the industry’s most advanced, flexible and robust test chambers available anywhere in the world. This machine is capable of multiple automatic cycles including, Salt Fog, Humidity Fogging, Dry Cycle, Dwell Cycle, Controlled Humidity, Solution Spray, Wet Bottom Relative Humidity, Immersion Cycle. The chamber also has the ability to go from temperature ambient to 71C.


 Auto Technology Salt Spray, Humidity, and CASS Chambers

3This chamber was designed to perform ASTM B 117 at most any single temperature, steady fog salt fog test. The chambers are designed to use either a corrosive solution or standard DI water to create a simple high humidity chamber. A few of the most popular specifications include ASTM B117, CASS test, and Mil Spec 810.


Temperature / Non-Condensing Humidity Chamber (HOTPACK 417536)

1_4This 33 cu. ft. humidity chamber has a temperature range of 0C to 177C and a humidity range from 20%Rh to 98%Rh.




Applied Research Laboratory Spectrograph (ARL 3460)

4 (1)This multi-channel optical emission spectrometer is widely regarded as the industry standard for fast, reliable and accurate metals analysis.



Tinius Olsen Tensile / Compression Machine (120K Super L)

5 (1)Tensile / Compression tests up to 120,000 lbs. of force.




Nikon Mettalograph (Epiphot 200)

6 (1)The Epiphot 200 is an inverted materials microscope with an innovative design that has been optimized for digital imaging and ergonomic efficiency. The machine uses integrated intelligence to automatically combine captured images with data on their observation settings for more comprehensive documentation. Most commonly used for Metallurgy, Metal Manufacturing, Cast iron nodularity & flake analysis, and Grain sizing.


Antonik Hardness Tester (ADT8)

7_1The digital tester model ADT is our twin Rockwell hardness tester. In addition to being very accurate and durable, this device has an “auto” measuring mode, the test load is automatically applied once the minor load is applied. Note: There is also a manual start option.



Q-Panel Gravelometer (Q-G-R)

8The Gravelometer is designed to evaluate the resistance of surface coatings (paint, clear coats, metallic plating, etc.) to chipping caused by the impacts of gravel or other flying objects. The primary usage of this test is to simulate the effects of the impact of gravel or other debris on automotive parts. A typical test specimen would be a coated 4 inch by 12 inch panel.


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